Earn points each visit and redeem for great perks!

Getting started is easy! Here's the step-by-step process to start earning:


1. Visit us at one of our karaoke shows

2. Download the app from above link

3. Allow location & notification

4. Find Stellar Sound & Karaoke - Double check the location address!

5. Check in and follow prompts

6. Create a free account to save your earned points

7. Check your email and confirm your account

8. Go back to the app and redeem your welcome points

9. You're done, and you've already earned 15 points!


Once you have done the above steps, it's easy to check in and earn points when you visit:


1. Open the Perka app

2. Click onto Stellar Sound & Karaoke

3. Check in at the bottom

4. You're done, and you've earned 5 more points!


There are a bunch of ways you can earn points:


- 5 points per visit

- 5 points per new friend you bring and introduce to us

- 5 points for each introduced friend that checks in for the first time

- TRIPLE points for tip dollars ($5 gets you 15p, $10 gets you 30p, etc)

- Become a VIP and earn points 50% faster!



Automatic check in will work for you when your phone has location services turned on and it is enabled for you inside the app. As long as you have this enabled, you'll earn points for your visit - and continue to earn points as long as you're in the building.  Sweet, huh?


For more information about how we use Perka to enhance your experience at our karaoke shows, please see our FAQ.






For booking referral bonus rewards, please see our FAQ.


For contest information, please see our Blog for details.

Tel: 801-633-4298

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