Frequent Questions

We understand the importance of making the right choice in the entertainment for your event and we want to help you make an informed decision. 


Here are some things you should know about us and answers to frequent questions: 


How much do you charge? 
Almost all of our business comes through referrals which allows us to provide stellar service at reasonable prices.  Our pricing structure is based on location, length, date of your event and if you need a DJ or Karaoke.  Because each event has different needs along with a different budget, we want to be sure you get the most out of your entertainment budget. We want your business and have the experience to show there is a difference between cheap and inexpensive. To get a quote for your event, get in touch with us here.  


What kind of experience do you have? 
Steven Webb has been a DJ and MC in Utah since 1985 with countless weddings, corporate and private events under his belt. During this time he has also been a professional sound engineer and radio DJ on-air personality. He's funny, charismatic and his music knowledge knows no limits. If you have a hard time selecting music for your event, he is a pro at filling in the gaps with songs that match the style you're going for.  

Jamie Webb has over 12 years of experience as a DJ and KJ. She is very charismatic, quick-witted, fun to be around, knows how to entertain and has a good knowledge of music across genres.

Tony Garcia has been a karaoke host and professional DJ since 1991. He's very charismatic and brings exciting energy to a room.
As a company, about half of our yearly business comes in as repeat customer events both corporate and private.  

Do you travel, and if so how far will you go? 

Yes, we will travel! Many events over the years have been out of our local area. We service the entire states of Utah and Nevada, western Wyoming, western Colorado, northern Arizona, and southern Idaho. Our travel fees are already included in your quote so the only thing outside of this you would be responsible for is securing a hotel room for the DJ, should it apply.


What kind of music do you play? 
We play your kind of music. You request it and we play it! Our music library is extensive and we have songs from the ’40s to today's hits in all genres. We play our music so your guests can visit with each other and enjoy the event. Always upbeat and fun, we keep your guests entertained. 


Are you involved and interactive? 
Always! Having an involved DJ is a major part of your event’s entertainment, not just the music.  We help you organize and MC the event highlights.  If it’s a wedding reception we’ll announce your dances, cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc.  If it's a grand opening we make all your major announcements at appropriately timed intervals. 


Will you embarrass me? 
We are professional at all times and provide family entertainment for all ages.  No tacky jokes, lewd behavior or objectionable language.  Most importantly, our music is always clean.  No hardcore metal, rap or explicit music (unless your requests are specifically otherwise). 


Why do I need a DJ? Can’t I just use an iPod or Spotify? 
Because your event needs a smooth flow with no embarrassing surprises or silence.  Think of it as an entertainment guarantee, as equipment failure with iPods or Spotify is completely avoidable.  You have full control over what music is played at your event with professional and experienced DJs.  You can choose every single song or choose a bunch (both do and don't play songs) and let the DJ use his knowledge and experience to fill in the gaps. Your event's entertainment has a direct effect on your guest's perception of the success of the event and is the single most important aspect.  When guests are not entertained, they leave.

Can't I just rent equipment from you for my event? 

We do recommend a professional approach as explained in the previous paragraph - but if you truly do not want to use a DJ and are interested in a DIY package, let us know and we'll take care of you. We will provide easy-to-follow instructions with your rental. We recommend you assign someone who learns quickly, understands your music tastes and is someone you trust to manage the system when in use. We do not recommend brides, grooms, party hosts or event coordinators handle the music themselves as there is already enough on their plate for the event. Place someone responsible who can fit our criteria and yours. If this interests you, please contact us for availability.


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