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Prepare FOUR SONGS (or more, if you like). It is not recommended to use your best song to qualify, but remember to choose one that can showcase your voice and get you into the competition.  You will need different songs after the Quarter Finals for the last two rounds.  If you make it to Semi-Finals, you will not be able to repeat your Semi-Finals songs for Finals. You may or may not get a warm up song before the competition rounds begin, so arrive before the show starts at 9pm to secure a warmup.

Qualify any Friday in June. Our official qualifying dates are June 2, 16, 30 but if you'd like to qualify at a regular karaoke show we will accept your entry. If you don't make it the first night, keep coming until you do. You do not have to re-enter the contest online to keep trying, just come the next qualifying night to try again.

Quarter Finals will have all singers move on each night to Semi Finals.  You will be judged on TWO songs this night, warm up and then use your best song first. No Shows will be disqualified.

Semi-Finals night in August will have up to 8 singers move on to Finals.  You will have TWO songs judged. No Shows will be disqualified.

Finals night will determine First, Second and Third place.  You will have TWO songs that are both judged. Use your best song first. No Shows will be disqualified. If you're selected in Semi Finals but don't show for Finals, you came all this way for nothing.  

If you have questions about your song selection, would like to check if we carry the version you normally sing, or any questions about how the rounds are set up please direct them here:  Please note that the karaoke host may not be able to answer your questions during the competition. Questions that are emailed will be responded to immediately by the right person.

Qualify June 2, 16, 30

Rules & Instructions



THIS IS A KARAOKE CONTEST, not a singing or talent competition.  This means anyone regardless of skill or experience is encouraged to enter.  The biggest thing we want you to do is HAVE FUN.  Attend all the rounds and make new friends.

All entries into the contest are processed online. We have set up the system to collect your name and contact information and to request your consent for photos/videos.  This information is not shared with anyone else. To enter, click the button above.


You must be 21 or older to enter this contest and provide valid ID when requested in the lounge.  If you're new to karaoke at the Lounge, please introduce yourself.

You can also enter by a paper form in person on any Friday night in June. The same information will be collected as the online form. Your photo will be taken by the KJ for identification purposes and associate your entry form with your photo.


THIS IS A KARAOKE CONTEST. Traditional things like stage presence and what you're wearing do not apply for this contest.

Here's what the judges will be looking for:

  • Performance (1-10) Show your range

  • Emotion/Soul (1-10) Show some feeling


Other things that will affect your score is dropping the mic, being afraid of the mic, screaming in the mic or intentionally causing feedback or disruption.

Judges are selected from a variety of sources. They may come from online applications, lounge staff, bar regulars or karaoke junkies from the area interested in encouraging contestants.  Please note that if you enter the competition as a contestant, you will not be selected as a judge.  


If you are ejected from the lounge for any reason, you will be disqualified from the contest.



There is no audience participation vote, but we strongly encourage that you bring your friends and family for support.  All guests must be 21 or older with valid ID.


Awards will be given for 1st through 3th place. Cash will be given for 1st and 2nd place with prize awards for 3rd place.


  • Qualification Dates: June 2, 16, 30

  • Quarter Final Dates: July 14, 28

  • Semi Finals Date: August 11

  • Finals Date: August 25


ARRIVE BEFORE 9PM. Warmups will be available for the first hour only on a first come first serve basis, with the competition starting at promptly 10pm. All karaoke shows start at 9pm sharp.  All competition rounds begin at 10pm.


DO NOT sing songs you've never done before. This is a competition and you'll tank your scores on purpose by singing something you have never tried. Only sing songs that you've performed for karaoke in the past, are within your range, you feel comfortable with it and can perform it under pressure.

YOU CAN prepare your song selections ahead of time.  If you already know what songs you will be singing, email them to us. If you know the version you prefer or any key changes you need, send those along as well.




Notifications regarding this contest will be sent via email, text message or by phone call (depending on the information and time sensitive nature of the notification).



Make sure to read the Round Breakdown to know the flow of this contest and the expectations.  You are expected to know and understand all rules and information when you register, as there is a box to check that you've read this page before registering.  Support your fellow contestants.  Exhibit friendliness and good will towards all singers, their guests, and lounge patrons.  Treat the bartender with kindness and tip appropriately.

If you have any questions regarding these rules and instructions, please direct them here:

Tel: 801-633-4298

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